Media Development Institute Reveals New Development Plans

Acting Principal, Madam Irene Ayaa in her office, (Photo by Yengi Benjamin Modi)

By Awizia Zita & Yengi Benjamin Modi

The acting principal of MDI, Madam Irene Ayaa revealed the institute’s top development plans for the academic year 2019/2020 during an exclusive interview with the reporters from MDI in her office.

“We want to register MDI with the ministry of higher education as an academic institution which will develop capacity of journalists through training.  MDI has been operating as a training wing of the Association for Media Development in South Sudan (AMDISS) because AMDISS is registered and recognized.”

“However, the plan now is to register MDI as an academic institute to be able to issue certified certificates to its students so that they find it easy when they want to go for further studies. The previous students have been receiving provisional certificates because MDI is not registered with the Ministry of Higher Education” she reiterated.

Madam Irene started working with AMDISS from March 2013 as a Media Development Officer tasked with the responsibility of communication, advocacy and training. In the course of that time MDI was in the process of being established. AMDISS used to conduct one to two weeks journalism training but then they realized the one to two weeks training was not enough so they thought of long term training like one year or so and that led to the establishment of MDI in 2014. Since that time she continued with the work of communication, advocacy and training up to January this year when she was appointed as acting principal of MDI by AMDISS Executive body.

On the issue of sustainability of the institute, Madam Irene said that the institute is still depending on donors for its maintenance. However, MDI has started charging the current batch some small tuition fees to support the running cost of the institute.

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