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Government Says Bridges Construction Underway

By Bidali Samson Joseph and Anika Faibe David                                                                              

The head of committee for Roads and Bridges at the National Legislative Assembly on Wed 12th Feb 2020, disclosed that the government has started renovation and construction of several bridges namely, Freedom Bridge, Luri Bridge and Nile Bridge (Gumbo Bridge). Gumbo bridge is a vital trade route that connects Juba and Kampala, but the side Lane is now broken, making it difficult for big lorries importing goods from Uganda to enter the country.

Honorables Wol Deng Aleu, Jacob Dau Kuol said most of the bridges especially the Juba bridge have not been renovated or reconstructed for more than 21 years since President Nimeiri regime.

However the duo revealed that Freedom Bridge, which would connect Rejaf and Lologo residential area is already under construction. Nyamlel Bridge in Awiel, Just River Bridge in Wau and Luri Bridge along Juba-Mundri road are to follow. They added that, the Juba (Nile Bridge) with one of the side lanes broken as being the only bridge that links Juba to Nimule and South Sudan to Uganda is still underway as the spare parts of the bridge are not yet in place.

According to them, the “recent and current crisis in the country interrupted every developmental plan of the government, and in particular, the construction of bridges within the Country. However, the committee of roads and bridges added that the ministry has signed contracts with several construction companies to work on some of the bridges.

In another remark, Hon. Kuol and Aleu blamed citizens for unauthorized building of their houses next to the roads and bridges, hence putting most constructions work to halt as it may result to their displacement.

Finally, they said that Luri bridge issue is now a challenge to the ministry and committee of roads and bridges at the National Legislative Assembly. However, the ministry has already allocated some budget for the construction of the bridges. Therefore, as far as Luri Bridge is concerned there is ongoing construction of the bridge at the moment.

According to the users of Nile Bridge “Mr. Wani Daniel and Mr. James Wani” both are Boda-Boda Riders at Gumbo (Nile Bridge), that the work has not been fair since the other side of the bridge broke-down some months ago. They however said that, pupils and students are the most affected with the broke-down of the Nile Bridge as it takes (30 minutes of waiting) all day long in order to pass the bridge from one side to the other using a vehicle.

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