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Cultural Groups Applauded Organizers Of The World Radio Day

South Sudan joined the rest of the world in celebrating the International World Radio Day at Rainbow Play Ground in Juba on 13 February 2020.

The event, attended by government officials, foreign diplomats, academia, media personalities and journalists was crowned by interludes of stunning cultural dances and dramas between speeches. Mega Independent Acholi Traditional Dancers, Maale Cultural Group and Malual Buoth Anyaar Cultural Groups were among the cultural performers.

In an interview with MDI, Mr. David Otim, the leader of Mega independent Acholi Traditional Dancers, said: “Radio is very important to each and every citizen because it informs people on issues taking place in a country.” 

“When citizens do not know what is happening in the country they will not be happy,” he added.

Mr. Otim applauded the organizing committee for inviting different cultural groups to perform during the event. He believed that with tradition and culture, South Sudanese would be able to appreciate the beauty of their ethnic diversity.  He called upon the other cultural groups to avail themselves in national events. Mr. Otim was so excited that his group performed twice on stage in their distinctive cultural attires.

Deng Nhial, the leader of Maale Cultural Group, briefly traced the establishment of the Nuer cultural group to 2001 when necessity dictated the need to create cultural awareness in the Sudan. Deng encouraged all the radio stations in South Sudan to double their efforts in reviving cultural activities by organizing talk shows and playing traditional songs as reminiscence of the past.

Speaking during the occasion, the leader of Malual Bouth Anyaar Cultural Group, said their overriding mission was to maintain their culture. Describing culture as a pillar of peace, Majok called upon the people of South Sudan to own radio sets to receive first-hand information on what is happening in the country. He urged the youth to stick to their culture instead of adhering to foreign cultures.

The event was held under the theme “Radio and Diversity for peaceful coexistence”.

 By Kurwel Kur, MDI Student

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